Finding An Empty Bird Nest Meaning

I was at the far end of my back yard, adding some cut grass to the compost heap, when I noticed something unusual on the ground. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a bird nest. It must have fallen from one of the trees around and was, sadly, no longer in use. The nest was intricately woven and looked as though it would have been a fine home for some chicks. I wondered how long it had been there and what kind of bird had made it. I added it to my compost pile, no sense in letting it go to waste. After which, I headed inside, wondering if there was a spiritual meaning or omen associated with finding an empty bird nest.

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Birds And Their Nests – Spiritual Meaning

Birds are creatures that have long been associated with spirituality. It’s easy to understand why. They soar, far closer to the heavens than we even could. As such, they are often cast as messengers of the gods and symbols of the link between heaven and earth. Also, we see birds as evergreen emblems of freedom. Of course, this association stems from their ability to soar through the air, totally free from grip of the land beneath their wings.

finding an empty nest spiritual meaning

Nests also have a strong spiritual meaning in their own right, though. Nests are often seen as a symbol of home and family—for obvious reasons. In many cultures, birds are seen as protectors of hearth and home, and their nests are thought to be sacred things.

Check out this list of spiritual, symbolic, and traditional meanings associated with birds’ nests:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Nurturing
  • Warmth
  • Protection
  • Family
  • Nature

The Nest As A Symbol Of Our Homes

Few things are as spiritually nourishing as coming home to a warm and inviting home. After a long day of work or play, it’s nice to know that there is a safe and comfortable place to return to. It goes without saying but, bird nests have come to be emblems for our own homes—referring to our houses as our “nests” is a part of our everyday dialogue. They provide safety and security, and they are a place where families can stay together.

bird nests represent the home

Considering the above, it’s fair to reflect on the spiritual meaning of finding a nest as a message to do with the home. Of course, by the time you find the nest, it has long since fallen out of use. Take this encounter to reflect on the condition of your own home—not through the eyes of others, but with personal priorities at the forefront. So often we make our homes to impress others, instead make sure your home is a comfortable, functional, and loving place for you and those you share the home with.


Just as we take pride in our homes, birds take great care in building their nests. They carefully select materials that will provide the best protection from the elements and predators.

bird holding nesting material

Being proud of your home can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, being proud of your home can drive you to make it better for you and your family. However, seeing your home through the eyes of outsiders means it will cater to their perspective over your needs.

This is where the spiritual meaning of a bird nest comes to you, and it brings a profound message. A bird’s nest is meant to be safe, secure, and functional. While, it’s true that the male bird will sometimes use a secure-looking nest to attract a mate, ultimately birds care about function over form. Remember, put your needs and the needs of your loved ones first.

Nurture, Develop, Complete, Let Go

We couldn’t talk about the spiritual meaning of finding an empty bird nest without talking about empty nest syndrome. Not everybody has children, though—but that doesn’t mean that this spiritual message isn’t for everybody. It certainly is. The empty nest omen can be used as an introspection tool to teach us about our progress through life, and the transitions from one phase to another.

chicks in a nest

For many parents, their children leaving home marks the end of an important chapter in their lives. For years, they have dedicated themselves to raising their kids. It’s true that raising children is a unique experience, but throughout our lives we take on grand challenges, work towards their completion, and afterwards, we have to let them go.

To find an empty bird nest is to receive a message that we should not dwell on a success past. Instead, it’s important to see this new phase as an opportunity. Now that you have finished one job, it’s time to take on a new challenge. Whether that means pursuing a long-held passion, finding a new hobby, or moving on to a new career opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to embrace this new chapter in your life—it just might be the best one yet.

Where Freedom Is Born

Baby birds are born without the ability to fly—chicks are pretty helpless when they first hatch. They depend on their parents for everything—food and protection. But, over time, and with the help of their parents, they are nourished, they grow, and eventually, they learn to spread their wings and take flight.

bald eagle

Of course, a bird in full, soaring through the sky is seen as the ultimate symbol of freedom. However, it’s important to remember that the mighty eagle wasn’t born with the ability to fly. This is something the nest omen reminds us, it conveys a spiritual message that to achieve our freedom, we depend on the help of others, and benefit from the work of our ancestors.

Ultimately, the bird nest message can be a reminder to appreciate what people have done for you in life. Remember what they gave you, so that you could go out into the world and achieve everything you have.

Transformation And Bird Nests

Following on from the previous section, the process of learning to fly is a very poignant emblem of transformation. Of course, transformation doesn’t necessarily imply growth, but the bird nest omen does—it represents a significant change. That change relates to beginning a journey and being quite hopeless, but eventually becoming a master.

unusual bird nests

This is a great spiritual message for those that are struggling and thinking about giving up. For example, some of us might give up at school or work because we think we’ll never get there. While, not every job and not every college major is a match for every person, sometimes persevering can be worth it. You just might surprise yourself with how confident, competent, and accomplished you become if you just stick at it.

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