Finding A Playing Card Meaning

Ever find a random playing card on the ground? I’ve actually had this happen to me right around the time a friend passed away. A playing card literally appeared right next to my bed one night. I couldn’t help but notice it upon waking up and feel as if it was a message of some sort. I was confused and bewildered. And, if you’re anything like me you probably wondered – where did this random card come from? Like, I don’t even remember having a deck of cards like this. And, more importantly, what does finding a playing card mean?

Well, you’re in the right place! We’re going to dive deep into the spiritual meaning of finding a playing card. We’ll start off first with a little history of playing cards. Did you know tarot cards and playing cards go hand in hand from way back when? Then, we’ll talk about what it means when you find a random playing card. Finally, we’ll go over the meaning of each individual playing card.

So, sit back, grab something to sip on, and get comfortable. We’re going to learn all about the hidden messages of playing cards.

After all, you’re probably here for a reason. Did you know I didn’t even want to write this article today? That’s right, I actually had seven dreams about writing this last night. Certainly, the universe works in mysterious ways sometimes. Evidently, there’s obviously an important message here that someone needs to hear! So, let’s get into it.

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A Little Bit Of History On Playing Cards

First things first, let’s talk about the history of playing cards. There’s a matter of debate about which came first – tarot cards or playing cards. According to this wikipedia article, cards appeared in Europe around the late 14th century originally for the purpose of game playing. So, really from a historical perspective they both go hand in hand.

The four suits of the deck are said to represent the four pillars of pillars of the economy in the Middle Ages. The diamonds represented the merchant class, the clubs symbolize farming, the spades represent the military, and the hearts symbolize the church. You can read more about playing card facts here. They also have a pretty interesting list of historical figures associated with each court or face card.

Other interesting things to note – there’s 52 cards in a playing deck same as weeks of the year, the 12 royals represent the 12 months, and there’s 13 cards in each suit for the 13 weeks in each season and 13 lunar cycles!

Oh, and there’s four suits symbolizing different seasons and the elements – earth or diamonds, wind or spades, water or hearts, and fire or clubs.

In other words, playing cards can possibly represent the very foundation of our life. That’s pretty serious symbolism! It only makes sense that people started using cards for divination and cartomancy. But, can playing cards tell the future?

Can Finding A Playing Card Tell The Future?

So, can you use a deck of playing cards to tell the future like tarot cards? Yes, you can absolutely use playing cards as a form of cartomancy to predict the future. However, it’s important to remember that even tarot cards only predict possibility of outcome.

There’s a lot of factors like free will and vibrational shifts to keep in mind so no form of prediction will ever be entirely accurate. But, reading cards can certainly give you an idea of what direction things are heading.

As a result, when you find a random card in your travels, it could certainly be a message from the divine to pay attention to future events. It’s definitely a message worth researching and taking time to understand at the very least.

And, if you’re interested in using playing cards to read tarot – here’s a tutorial on Youtube for how to convert them. This can be especially helpful for those interested in cartomancy but aren’t free to openly explore it due to judgement from family or other circumstances.

You can even turn a deck of playing cards into a Lenormand deck if you struggle to read traditional tarot or want a more clear way of using cards for divination. Check out that tutorial here on Youtube.

But, if this all is a bit too much to take in don’t worry. There’s a quick summary down below of each card that takes both of these methods of reading cards into account.

What Does It Mean When You Find A Playing Card In Your House?

If you remember in the opening paragraph, I mentioned that I once randomly found a playing card in my house at the foot of my bed. In my situation, it was actually two cards. I had a dear friend who passed away and I was terribly upset about it. It was weighing very heavy on my mind.

So, when I woke up one morning I found the two cards – a queen of hearts and a two of hearts – and I instantly thought about him. It felt as if it were a message from him directly. In this case, the queen of hearts is often how he referred to me. (I am a female water sign, which the queen of cups has an association with.)

And, the two of hearts is a symbol of love and connection. So, from my perspective it was just a quick way for him to express that he was okay on the other side and that he cherished our connection still.

Therefore, finding a random playing card in your house can be a message from universal forces to pay attention to both yourself and your foundations in life.

Of course, how this message will resonate with you will depend on your individual encounter and the card in question. If you think of certain someone when you find the card, you can certainly take it as a message. Or, if you think of a certain situation it could be an omen or a warning.

Finding A Playing Card On The Ground

As anyone who has ever picked up a deck of cards knows, there’s 52 cards that can be easily lost. So when you find a random playing card on the ground, it may be tempting to assume that it is just a piece of trash. However, those of us who believe in synchronicity and messages from the universe know there’s more spiritual meaning to finding a playing card on the ground.

As a result, finding a playing card on the ground could be interpreted as a sign from the universe about what is happening in your life. For example, finding the Ace of Spades can represent upcoming clarity and truth, while finding the Ace of Hearts represents new beginnings in love.

As always, this is just one interpretation and there are many other ways to read the significance of finding a playing card on the ground. For instance, if you enjoy playing cards with your friends it could be a message to get the group back together.

Whether you believe that it is a sign from the universe or simply just a coincidence, finding a playing card on the ground can certainly be a message of guidance and insight. So, make sure to find your individual card down below for more additional meanings or messages.

finding joker playing card meaning

What Does Finding A Joker Mean?

The joker is probably the most interesting card to find separate from a deck of playing cards. The joker has an association with the fool card in a tarot deck. This is an incredibly powerful card. From a spiritual perspective, the joker symbolizes the beginning of our journey along the path of life. It symbolizes a new beginning, being lucky, and having faith in the universe and the divine.

The joker can also be a bit of a wild card. After all, in many games it is used as a trump or as a card that has a different value from the rest of the deck.

So, from a spiritual perspective finding a joker can symbolize that you’re starting on a new, unknown journey where anything can happen. It is a fantastic card to receive full of adventure and wonder.

If you feel anxious about the joker – don’t! Just like the fool, trust that everything will work out for you along your journey and it most certainly will.

And, remember you’re unique from all the rest of the cards! You’re a wild card! Now, we’ll go ahead and explore the meaning of the rest of the cards.

How Can I Understand The Meaning Of The Card I Found?

So, now that we know what it means when you find a card, you’re probably wondering how to interpret that specific card. There’s all sorts of different ways of interpreting each card. Tarot will have different meanings than Lenormand and other interpretations.

Also, remember that nothing is set in stone. No one meaning is correct Make sure when trying to understand the symbolism of each card that you only take what resonates.

Pay attention to how you feel when you look at the card. Sometimes the meaning can be quite literal, like with a two of hearts or a queen of king of hearts if you are looking for love.

Alternatively, you might consider that a seven of clubs is lucky since it has lucky number 7 and the club looks like a clover! That’s in stark comparison to its traditional meaning in the tarot of conflict or in Lenormand of disease and difficulty.

Also, pay attention to what position you found the card in. If it was upside down you may want to look up the reversed meaning of that card in tarot. Either way, down below is a list of the more common associations and traditional meanings of each card and suit.

But remember, always listen to your own intuition first when it comes to understanding card meanings!

Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades.

What Does The Suit Of Spades Mean?

The suit of spades symbolizes swords and sharp weapons which has a connection with thought, action, communication, the military, nobility, and battle. It represents the mental aspect of life, the element of air, and the cold, hard truth. Spades have an association with winter and the zodiac signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.

  • Ace of Spades – clarity, truth, justice, communication, a truthful woman
  • Two of Spades – indecision, a struggle to make a choice, blocked emotions, balanced friendships
  • Three of Spades – heartbreak, betrayal, separation
  • Four of Spades – healing, a period of rest, solitude
  • Five of Spades – conflict, arguments, war, winning at all costs
  • Six of Spades – moving on to calmer waters, peace after a storm, tower, privacy
  • Seven of Spades – deception, trickery, letters, complicated communication
  • Eight of Spades – feeling trapped unnecessarily, garden, community, teamwork
  • Nine of Spades – anxiety, sleepless nights, worry, anchors, stability
  • Ten of Spades – harsh endings, rock bottom, nowhere to go but up, ships, traveling
  • Jack of Spades – quick movement, direct communication, children, new beginnings
  • Queen of Spades – bluntness, quick witted woman, individualism, bouquets, giving and receiving
  • King of Spades – authority, taking direct action, truthful man, harsh words, lilies, creativity

What Does The Suit Of Clubs Mean?

The suit of clubs has an association with peasantry, sticks, staves, clovers, and wands. This symbolizes hard work, passion, the working class, innovation, and positive action. It represents the physical aspects of life, the element of fire, and warm, burning desires. Clubs have an association with summer and the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

  • Ace of Clubs – passionate new start, new ideas, sexual energy, rings, contracts
  • Two of Clubs – making a decision on a course of action, starting a new journey, progress
  • Three of Clubs – expansion, new opportunities, overseas travel, thinking big
  • Four of Clubs – stable home life, harmony, new marriage, successful teamwork
  • Five of Clubs – petty arguments, immature conflict, competition
  • Six of Clubs – success, public recognition for efforts, respect, possible jealousy, crosses, stress
  • Seven of Clubs – having the high ground, defensiveness, being blocked, mice, difficulty, disease
  • Eight of Clubs – quick change, text messages, things up in the air, mountains, challenges
  • Nine of Clubs – resilience, delays, being tired, foxes, cunning, being sly
  • Ten of Clubs – burden, commitments, bears, control, leadership
  • Jack of Clubs – quick inspired action, moving home, back and forth, whips, arguments
  • Queen of Clubs – charisma, attractive woman, passion, vanity, snakes, fake knowledge
  • King of Clubs – optimism, strength, charming man, fake pretense, clouds, illusion

What Does The Suit Of Diamonds Mean?

The suit of diamonds has an association with pentacles, money, gold, resources, finances, and property. This symbolizes material success, merchants, security, courage, and long standing success. It represents the material aspects of life, the element of earth, and stable, steady well-earned bounty. Diamonds have an association with the autumn harvest and the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

  • Ace of Diamonds – new solid beginning, new financial opportunity, the sun, positive outcomes
  • Two of Diamonds – going back and forth, seeking balance, adaptability, juggling money
  • Three of Diamonds – collaboration, apprenticeship, dedication to goals, hard work paying off
  • Four of Diamonds – saving money, fear, control, holding back, materialism, possessiveness
  • Five of Diamonds – poverty, insecurity, worry, struggle, feeling left out in the cold
  • Six of Diamonds – sharing the wealth, charity, give and take, clovers, luck
  • Seven of Diamonds – hard work paying off, reward, patience, birds, gossip, friends
  • Eight of Diamonds – employment, routine, dedication, keys, destiny, answers
  • Nine of Diamonds – independence, success, wealth, coffins, transitions
  • Ten of Diamonds – legacy, family, true financial success, books, knowledge
  • Jack of Diamonds – hard work, persistence, slow success, scythes, quick endings
  • Queen of Diamonds – practical, down to earth, generous woman, paths, time to choose
  • King of Diamonds – success, conservative action, mature male, fish, abundance

What Does The Suit Of Hearts Mean?

The suit of hearts has an association with cups, emotions, love, family, and happiness. This symbolizes emotional fulfillment, growth in all areas of life, the people closest to us, things worth living for, and our connection with spirituality. It represents the emotional aspects of life, the element of water, and warm, wet nourishment. Hearts have an association with spring melting of snow and flooding, and the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

  • Ace of Hearts – new love, true joy, creativity, fertility, emotionally available man
  • Two of Hearts – partnership, romantic relationships, harmony, true love, sharing feelings
  • Three of Hearts – friendship, reunions, celebration, collaboration, happy times
  • Four of Hearts – refusing offers, apathy, depression, emotional weariness, contemplation
  • Five of Hearts – regret, disappointment, sadness, despair, crying over spilt milk, focusing on loss
  • Six of Hearts – innocence, joy, memories of the past, reliving childhood, stars, faith, hope
  • Seven of Hearts – confusion, day dreaming, lots of choices, trees, history, past
  • Eight of Hearts – letting go, walking away, introspection, the moon, fears, secrets
  • Nine of Hearts – contentment, wishes coming true, fulfillment, riders, fast movement
  • Ten of Hearts – harmony, happy family, marriage, bliss, dogs, loyalty
  • Jack of Hearts – romantic proposals, following your heart, charm, hearts, love
  • Queen of Hearts – compassion, sensitivity, kindness, intuitive woman, storks, transitions
  • King of Hearts – tolerance, devotion, holding back emotion, gentle man, houses, stability
finding a playing card meaning spread

Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Of Playing Cards

By now we’ve already covered the symbolism of finding a playing card along with their individual meanings. But, here’s a quick list of meanings and keywords that may help you further:

  • Destiny
  • Good Luck
  • Universal forces like seasons, calendars, elements
  • Fate
  • Taking a gamble
  • Divination
  • Playfulness
  • Reminders from the divine, spirit guides, or deceased loved ones
  • Strategy
  • Calculating Risks

Dream Meanings Of Finding A Playing Card

When trying to understand a dream, it’s important to pay most attention to how you feel during the dream. A dream in which you are very happy when finding a playing card will obviously have a different meaning from one which you are anxious or scared.

Generally, if you dream of finding a playing card, it could symbolize fate or destiny. In other words, you may feel more at the whim of universal forces in your waking life.

Also, the card could represent something positive or negative that is about to come your way. So, make sure to note the meaning of the card you see in your dream.

It could also be a sign that you are about to take a chance on something, or that you need to be more careful in a situation. Playing cards have a strong association with luck and gambling. So, you may be weighing up risks in a financial decision.

So, pay attention to the other symbols in your dream and the overall feeling of the dream to get a better understanding of what it might mean for you individually.

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