Delphiniums Spiritual & Symbolic Meaning

Delphiniums—what do they mean? For the most part, you might encounter delphiniums either growing in somebody’s garden or, if you’re very lucky, sometimes you’ll spot them growing wild on the side of the road or while on a countryside hike. But, no matter where you see a delphinium, their blooms are always arresting. Naturally, their stunning appearance and, especially, the tall flower spike, inspire questions—is there a spiritual message I’m meant to receive? Or omens? And how about the symbolism of delphiniums?

What Are Delphiniums Anyway?

Delphiniums are commonly known as larkspurs.

You might think of a blue, purple, or white ornamental flower when you think of delphiniums. These are domesticated strains grown all over the world in people’s home gardens. In actuality, the domesticated sort of delphinium is only a slither of an entire genus that includes around 300 species. In fact, those of you familiar with some of the wild delphinium species will know that some have yellow flowers instead of blue.

delphinium spiritual meaning

Delphiniums are typically plants with deeply “toothed” leaves. This means that its leaves are sort of jagged—imagine a carnivorous animal’s row of sharp teeth. In addition to their jagged leaves, delphiniums possess distinctive flowers. Lots of flowering plants have a one stem per flower, whereas others have what is termed a “flower spike”. Delphiniums are in possess of distinctive flower spikes.

Delphiniums are spread all over the Northern Hemisphere. However, their range isn’t entirely restrictive to the northern parts of the world. Actually, there is a type found in the tropics of Africa!

Interesting to know, the larkspur (delphinium) is the birth flower for the month of July.

Delphinium or Dolphin?

The name “delphinium” has a Greek origin.

dolphin artwork

It comes from an ancient Greek word—δελφίνιον (delphínion)—which means dolphin. You might assume that the flower got its name because the color of some larkspur flowers resembles the blueish skin color of some dolphins. Well, you’d be mistaken. Because the name is actually inspired by the shape of the flowers—supposedly they’re shaped like dolphins.


When it comes to messages, the delphinium is undoubtedly a symbol of adventure. They scatter their seeds far and wide. So of course they grow anywhere they can, covering fields and meadows with their pretty blooms. Moreover, they stand tall, proud, and sway happily in the breeze.

As such, this flower represents not just travel, but journey. What’s the difference? Well, travel is mundane. Whereas, journey involves growth, joy—an experience. So, if delphiniums catch your eye, then it might be time to take that trip. If you’ve always been dreaming of a mega road trip, then how about now?


Delphiniums also convey a message of positivity. After all, they stand tall, proud, and colorful. Not to mention, their striking flower spikes don’t flip, flop, or droop. Rather, they stay upright and hopeful. Sure, they might sway in the wind. But, they maintain that positive outlook.

cerulean larkspur

So, if you feel as though the delphinium has come to you to send you a message, then reflect on your overall perspective. Specifically, do you have a positive outlook or a negative outlook? Of course, forced, unnatural, and even toxic positivity isn’t always a great idea. However, you can raise your mood and your self-esteem by practicing appreciation. Think about things you enjoy, focus on them, and be grateful for them. Also, be in the moment—the past and the future are more difficult to appreciate. Whereas, in the moment, you can really feel the sand between your toes, the rustle of the leaves overhead, or the comfort of your bed first thing in the morning.

Delphiniums and Color

Delphiniums come in a lot of colors. Typically, we think of them ranging from white, to blue and through to purple. However, that only covers the species commonly grown in our ornamental gardens. There are also other types of delphinium with other colored flowers. You might have seen the tall flower spikes of yellow delphiniums growing on the median of a highway. But, that isn’t all. There are even red delphiniums!

So, let’s look at the various meanings of the colors of this flower individually.


Blue is a grand color. All shades of blue are spiritually significant, but let’s focus on cerulean. This shade of blue is considered to be “sky” blue or “celestial” blue. As such, we associate it with the heavens and the divine. And, of course, cerulean is a common shade for blue delphiniums. Also, consider that this flower points itself tall and proud to the sky, i.e. the heavens. Therefore, it is a strong message that your angels are watching over you.

delphinium larkspur spiritual meaning

Depending on the shade of blue, it is linked with either the throat (sky blue) or the third eye (indigo blue—purplish, some might argue) chakras. To learn more about the chakra system and balancing your chakras you can check out our guide here.


Purple is a very meaningful color—especially when it comes to matters of a spiritual nature.

It’s also another common color strain for domestic delphiniums. Firstly, purple is a color of wealth. Specifically, purple represents authoritative, dignified, confident, secure wealth. Whereas, other colors—yellow for money, green for natural growing food—might be better choices for utter abundance. So, purple delphiniums are a good choice for you if you want to be wealthy and be at ease with your wealth.

Purple is also considered a very magical color. In fact, many believe that a purple front door indicates that the home belongs to a witch! So, if you have aspirations to cast a spell or two—be responsible, I know you will—then purple delphiniums in your garden might give your power a little boost.

Purple is used to represent the crown chakra. Learn all about it with our guide here.


White flowers are certainly emotive. Their calming, pure, serene lack of color make them a traditional condolence gift for the recently bereaved. While the peace lily is the typical choice, a bouquet of delicate white flowers can also be used. Bear in mind that delphiniums make excellent cut flowers, so would do well. However, the typical purpose of gifting a houseplant like a peace lily is that it is alive, growing, and evergreen—symbolizing the everlasting peace of the afterlife.


Pink is all about love! It’s different, of course, than red. Because red is about a passionate sort of love. Whereas, pink is a less presumptuous choice, maybe more suitable for the earlier stages of a new relationship. So, if you suspect the recipient of your affection might like a bouquet of flowers then throw in some pink delphiniums. They’ll go down a treat.


Yellow is a nifty color; it’s a symbol of a bright, intellectual mind. Also, it represents monetary abundance—gold is yellow, of course.

The season of spring also comes to mind when we see the color yellow. This is because we associate yellow with the sun, and, of course, spring represents the return of the sun and thereby warmer weather. While the yellow color of some delphiniums would make them appropriate for spring, it’s unfortunate that they do not flower in time—they’re more of a summer blooming flower.

Yellow represents the solar plexus chakra. You can learn how to balance your solar plexus chakra by checking this guide on the topic.


Red delphiniums have their own spiritual meaning. This is because the color red conveys significant messages. Of course, in East Asia, the color red represents abundance, good fortune—especially in finances. Whereas, in the Western world, the color red symbolizes strength through confidence, passionate love, courage, and action.

red delphinium spiritual meaning

When it comes to balancing your chakras, red is the color of the root chakra. Learn more though our chakra guide here.

Victorian Language of Flowers

Have you ever heard of the Victorian Language of Flowers? It’s a complex way of sending a message via selection of specific flowers. In the case of the larkspur / delphinium, the meaning is clear: it represents a flight of fancy. That is it represent a dream, especially one of travel, that is idealistic and adventurous. To gift a bouquet of delphiniums is, perhaps, a way of inviting somebody to take the journey of a lifetime!

Delphiniums and Greek Mythology

The Greeks have a fascinating origin story for delphiniums. Ancient Greeks believed that the larkspur was born from the spilled blood of Aias (Ajax). Aias was a slain Trojan hero. Delphiniums grew up and bloom from the spots where Aias’s blood had dripped to the ground. This story is reminiscent of a Moldovan story concerning the fight between winter and spring. Lady Spring was injured, and where her blood fell, delicate snowdrops grew and bloomed.

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