Coyote Spiritual Meaning

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a coyote. Well, actually the first time I saw four or five of them! I grew up in the southern United States and never encountered anything like them before. But, there they were on the side of the road, feeding on a deer carcass. I simply couldn’t believe there were so many of them, and I didn’t even know they ranged in the area! Which isn’t surprising, since coyotes represent trickery and adaptability. That’s why we’re often surprised by coyote encounters. But, the symbolism and coyote spiritual meaning goes way deeper than those meanings alone. And, depending upon the exact encounter, it may have some surprising information for you!

If you have recently encountered a coyote and maybe had a similar experience to my own, just know that you’re not alone. Coyotes now range in every US state apart from Hawaii and Canada as well. And, while their range is now larger than before, they are not an invasive species in North America. That’s right, they’ve been here for about a million years. That’s a long time to sneak around us!

It’s also worth noting that coyotes are generally nothing to worry about, despite a long history of hateful rhetoric in America surrounding coyotes. Coyotes very rarely attack humans, although those encounters can be quite serious. But, generally, coyotes prefer to eat rodents, carrion, and berries. And, they like to keep to themselves. Remember, they are not wolves! In fact, from a spiritual symbolism standpoint, they are more like the fox. So, now that we know a little bit about what coyotes really are, let’s dive deeper into the spiritual meaning of coyotes.

What Does A Coyote Symbolize?

So, what characteristics does a coyote symbolize? Well, coyotes are known for being tricksters and sly. But, coyotes are also very adaptable, intelligent, and clever. After all, if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ve probably been spotted by a coyote before and didn’t even know it! Coyotes are also fun, playful, and entertaining. And, they can also represent affection and being part of a community since you often hear and see them working together.

Therefore, when we’re searching for the spiritual meaning of a coyote, it helps to look at how we relate to these traits in our current life. The overall spiritual advice of the coyote is simple: Pay attention. Be smart! Use your intellect. Expect the unexpected. Be adaptable. And, don’t take life too seriously! Keep your playfulness and a sense of humor!

But, as always, the exact setting you see a coyote may also have additional meanings and messages for you to consider. For instance, seeing a coyote on the way into work might be a message that you should be more mindful of tricksters in your workplace. Or, that you need to be more adaptable and intelligent to overcome any obstacles in your way to that promotion you’ve been after. Use your wisdom!

We’ll try to cover some of the more common encounters with coyotes and their meanings. And, if you have one that isn’t mentioned and you feel it needs to be added, reach out to us on our about page. And as always, listen to your intuition and only take what resonates. If you feel the message doesn’t apply to you, it may simply be for someone else. So, let’s get started!

coyote in grass spiritual meaning
Have you ever looked out into your yard only to see a coyote staring back at you?

Spiritual Meaning Of A Seeing A Coyote In Your Yard

Have you recently spotted a coyote in your yard? Or, maybe you’re wondering what’s the spiritual meaning of a coyote near your house? When we think of our home, it’s our place of solace and comfort. Home is where we feel free to be ourselves, it’s where we are closest to our loved ones. So, when we see a trickster like a coyote in our place of refuge, we may feel a little bit invaded!

Therefore, whenever we see a coyote near our home or in our yard, it’s an important message to pay more attention to any possible deception or underhanded activities in areas closest to us.

While it’s impossible to say this is always the case in every situation, spotting a coyote near your house can definitely be a sign confirmation if your intuition has been telling you something isn’t quite right. For instance, if something tells you that your brother isn’t being entirely honest in something he’s been telling you, you may want to trust your intuition. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be a family member who is being sly like a coyote. It could be a message that you need to pay more attention to the terms of a possible refinancing, new lease, or contract.

Remember, it’s impossible to say what the coyote represents in every case. Always listen to your intuition and take only what resonates. A coyote doesn’t always have to represent negative trickery, it could be a good surprise! To clarify, a coyote also symbolizes being light-hearted and carefree. So, a group of coyotes near your home can actually represent family unexpectedly coming together to laugh and have a howling good time!

Spiritual Meaning Of A Coyote Following You

Ever have a coyote follow you? I have while I was walking my dog, and it can be a little scary for sure! You may even feel as if they were going to attack you. Naturally, you might wonder – what’s the symbolism of a coyote following you?

First, it helps to understand why a coyote follows you. Often coyotes do this with their partner, not because they plan on attacking, but because they are curious. Often times, they are escorting you to make sure you are moving out of their territory. So, try not to worry too much about this encounter. Usually coyotes pose no threat, remember coyote attacks are pretty rare. Especially if you keep your pets close to you and on a leash! And, if you are confronted by one, make yourself as large, threatening, and LOUD as possible. Coyotes usually scare easily!

So, what’s the spiritual meaning of a coyote following you? It might be time to face things that you’ve been avoiding. Often times in life we try to avoid confrontations and our fears in life because it’s easier. But, much like a coyote following you, some of these will continue to follow you in the shadows until you finally confront them. Or, at the very least, move way out of their territory!

And, remember, the coyote usually appears more threatening than it actually is. Your fears are probably the same! So, make sure to take some time to look at problems you have been avoiding in your life. Have you created a threat in the shadows that really isn’t one at all? It might be time to let it go so you can move on peacefully in your life.

What Does It Mean When A Coyote Howls?

Are you wondering what’s the spiritual meaning of a coyote howling? If you’ve ever heard coyotes howling, it can certainly be a little intimidating. So, why do coyotes howl? Most people think they’re hunting or have downed prey. But, this isn’t the case in most instances. Making so much noise would possibly draw unnecessary attention from competition. As a result, usually coyotes how because they’re usually communicating with one another. Often this is because they are defending territory. It’s also interesting because most people overestimate how many coyotes they hear by a great deal. Which can make them seem even more threatening!

From a spiritual perspective, hearing a coyote howling reminds us to be pay more attention to truthfulness in gossip and social settings. In other words, don’t believe everything you hear. Remember, a coyote represents being a trickster, sly, and a bit of a prankster. So, try not to put too much credence in any gossip you might hear going around the rumor mill. Much like when we hear coyotes howling, it’s probably nothing serious going on. And, since coyotes sound much more numerous than they actually are, you can almost be certain there’s probably not a lot of truth in what you’re hearing. So, be mindful of gossip you’re listening to.

baby coyote spiritual meaning
Aren’t baby coyotes cute? People sometimes mistake them for abandoned puppies!

Spiritual Meaning Of A Baby Coyote

Have you come across a baby coyote? How lucky, aren’t coyote pups just the cutest! So, cute that some people actually mistake them for abandoned puppies. One of my favorite stories of this happening is from Wisconsin, where the coyote seems to live contently with its new human family. Pretty wild story, right? Definitely don’t attempt to keep a baby coyote. Remember, young coyotes are often seen alone when they are first learning to navigate the world without their parents. But, what does a baby coyote represent spiritually?

A baby coyote represents the need to take a new approach to life. Remember, a coyote represents being clever, adaptable, and light-hearted. So, you may need to view the world with fresh eyes and a child-like perspective to overcome any areas where you currently feel stuck in life.

Of course, your specific advice will vary depending on your own personal set of circumstances. But, a good example of this might be a romantic relationship where things are starting to feel a little bit stagnant. Maybe it seems that no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to bring that spark back. Going to the same old places or enjoying the hobbies you used to isn’t really working anymore. You may even be considering calling it quits!

Well, if you see a baby coyote in this instance, it’s a pretty good omen that it’s time to do something entirely different from a fresh new perspective. For instance, maybe you should schedule a massage class together or learn to cook an entirely new cuisine. Use your crafty intellect to come up with something that’s exciting and all brand new. As always, apply this as you see fit within your own life. But, a baby coyote reminds us to try a fresh start.

What Does It Mean When You See A Pack Of Coyotes?

Are you wondering what’s the spiritual meaning of seeing a pack of coyotes? Or, as they are officially called a band of coyotes. Usually, the first reaction to seeing a group of coyotes is surprise. And, remember, a coyote is a known trickster full of surprises. Therefore, a pack of coyotes is a spiritual reminder to be mindful of surprises and unexpected changes in your social settings! In other words, you may want to pay more attention to how you are navigating your social world because all may not be what it seems.

As always, take only what resonates and apply it to your own personal situation. But, a pack of coyotes symbolizes a group of tricksters full of carefree fun. So, you may need to lighten up with your friends if things have become a bit dour or too serious lately. On the other hand, if you feel that there’s something brewing in your work circle, you may want to listen to your intuition. Make sure that what you’re saying and hearing isn’t underhanded or deceitful. And, be careful! Remember, the coyote uses its wits to navigate the world. So, make sure whatever action you take is well thought out and planned!

Also, it’s important to know that coyotes usually only stay together in packs to hunt. Often they prefer to be solitary. So, make sure not to become too dependent upon your social group and remain sovereign more often if you find it emotionally draining. Don’t be afraid to be on your own sometimes.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Two Coyotes?

Ever see two coyotes together? Coyotes often hunt in pairs because it’s much easier. Like the old expression, two is better than one. But, did you know that coyotes also mate for life generally as well? That’s right, coyotes won’t mate with another as long as their mate is alive. As the linked article states, in fact, in many species are only monogamous depending on availability to resources. But, the coyote remains loyal to their partners despite any outside factors. Aw, how romantic!

Therefore, seeing two coyotes together reminds us to pay more attention to our romantic relationship. And, if you are single? Well, you might expect love to enter into your life soon. Or, are you having issues in your current relationship? Well, you may overcome them soon. Remember, the coyote is about expecting the unexpected. So, don’t give up. You can do it! Especially if you embody the characteristics of the coyote.

Remember, while the coyote is a trickster, they are also intelligent, light hearted, and fun. So, make sure to be more carefree about love! If you’re taking things too serious in love and romance, a pair of coyotes is a great reminder to take it a little more easy. Remember, you can be entirely dedicated and loyal, but not too serious as well. And, when you work together, you can easily take down anything in your way. Just like the coyote!

coyote in road meaning
Coyotes and roads definitely don’t mix! But, what does it mean?

Spiritual Meaning Of A Coyote On The Side Of The Road

Have you seen a coyote on the side of the road before? You’re definitely not alone! In recent times, it’s actually pretty common to spot coyotes near the side of the road. Can you guess why? Apparently, there’s lots of roadkill easily accessible found there. And, coyotes are scavengers who usually hunt small prey like rodents instead of large animals like deer. And, you don’t have to worry about hunters nearby either since it’s often illegal to hunt near highways. Pretty smart place to find food, right?

So, what’s the spiritual meaning of seeing a coyote on the side of the road? It’s a message to be clever and resourceful. Oh yeah, and that you’re on the right path in life. Like the coyote takes advantage of its environment to find an easy meal, seeing one on the road is a symbol that you should take advantage of any opportunities in your own life. And more importantly, to think outside of the box to do so. Coyotes are very crafty! Despite years of evolution of hunting, they’ve come up with an easier way to gain food. In what ways can you break out of your cycles and routine to achieve your goals easier?

Likewise, the road is a spiritual symbol of our journey through life. Anytime you see something occurring near a road that grabs your attention, try to pay close attention. It’s often a message that you’re on the right path to where you want to be in life. But, especially if you embody those traits. So, make sure to be resourceful and clever in your day to day life. Before you know it, you’ll arrive at your desired destination.

What’s It Mean When A Coyote Crosses Your Path?

Are you wondering what it means when a coyote crosses your path? It’s only natural to wonder! After all, any encounter with a coyote is quite memorable. Anytime we have an animal cross our path, it’s important to pay attention to the characteristics of that animals. After all, the animal chose to cross your path for a reason. So, whenever a coyote crosses your path, it’s a spiritual message to not take life too seriously. And, use your wits to be adaptable! You may want to spend some time looking at where you need to lighten up in your life and bring the energy of the coyote into your life. It could be a warning to remind you of the magic of silly pranks in your childhood even.

However this applies to you will be unique to you. However, you may want to consider incorporating more humor or light hearted practical jokes into connections in your life where you feel the energy is a bit stagnant or heavy. And, be open to new viewpoints. Remember, the coyote is a survivor and is extremely adaptable. More importantly, the coyote doesn’t get bogged down in the past or the future. When a coyote sees an opportunity in the present moment, it takes it and runs away gleefully.

And, the same can apply to you. So, stay present and grounded. And, if you take it easy and go with the flow, you are sure to overcome any obstacle in your life!

Coyote In The Snow Spiritual Meaning

Ah, the stillness, peace, and solitude of snow. Believe it or not, snow has its own message, so make sure to check out the spiritual meaning of snow here. But, what does it mean if you see a coyote in the snow? Well, firstly it helps to know that snow spiritually represents being still and going within yourself. In other words, it’s about connecting with your inner self or the divine, being clear of mind, and maybe even meditating!

So, then we combine the meaning of snow with a coyote which represents overcoming obstacles with intellect, humor, and even trickery. And, we can’t forget that when you see a coyote in the snow, you also see footprints in the snow! So, we put all of these together to understand the symbolism. Therefore, a coyote in the snow is a spiritual message to quieten your mind in order to see what path you should take. In other words, take some time to meditate on what course you’re currently on in life and if it’s leading to where you want to be. Then, you may want to embody the traits of the coyote to be successful.

It’s also worth remembering that the coyote is the master of the unexpected. Things are often not what they actually seem! So, if you are currently facing issues in life that seem overwhelming, you may be deceiving yourself. The coyote often thinks outside of the box to solve problems. Try to spend some time going deep within yourself to see if there’s a new approach to overcome any blockages in your life. Don’t be afraid using any of your tricks to move past obstacles.

coyote in snow
Have you ever seen a coyote in the snow before?

Seeing A Coyote In The Day Spiritual Meaning

Have you ever encountered a coyote in broad daylight? Maybe you felt it was unusual, or that something was incredibly wrong. Is the coyote rabid or a threat?After all, aren’t coyotes supposed to be sneaking around in the night? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually fairly common coyote behavior to be seen in the daytime. Especially during the summer and the spring, the coyote will often hunt small rodents for their young to eat. Of course, if a coyote is acting aggressive or otherwise concerning, keep your distance. But, you should always keep your distance anyway! Still, generally seeing a coyote isn’t cause for alarm. But, what does it mean?

Seeing a coyote in the day means it’s time for you to break through stereotypes. That’s right. A coyote is only doing what comes natural and providing for its family when being spotted in the daylight. A coyote is doing what’s best for itself and its vitality, despite what misconceptions other people have concerning the behavior. You may want to do the same in your own life.

In other words, are you holding yourself back because you feel like following your dreams or beliefs won’t be socially acceptable? Do you shrink yourself to fit in the box of those around you? Seeing a coyote in the day is a powerful reminder to use your intellect to be sly and break free from those constraints. After all, the coyote was born to hunt in the daytime, whether others like it or not. What were you born to truly be? Be true to yourself. Make sure not to trap yourself in the past.

Black Coyote Spiritual Meaning

If you’ve seen a black coyote, consider yourself very lucky. Black coyotes are extremely rare! While there’s not a lot of extensive research on them, sources say 2% of the coyote population are black. So, what’s the black coyote meaning?

While the black coyote may be frightening at first and there’s a lot of unfortunate folklore surrounding black animals, it’s important to understand the rich symbolism of a black member of the canine family. For instance, Anubis the god of death in ancient Egypt mythology was mostly depicted as a creature with a black canine type head. But, that doesn’t mean that black coyotes are evil. Black animals are often thought to be protectors of the spiritual realm. In other words, while they may represent death, more importantly, they represent regeneration and rebirth.

So, what does it mean when you see a black coyote? A black coyote symbolizes rebirth and spiritual protection. Don’t be afraid to allow things that no longer serve you to leave your life. Letting go of the old allows room for the new to flourish. In the same regard, don’t be afraid of the black coyote’s symbolism of death. It doesn’t mean actual death! It simply means it’s time to embrace the lesson of out with the old, and in with the new!

What Does It Mean To See A White Coyote?

Wondering what’s the spiritual meaning of a white coyote? Seeing a white coyote is even more rare than seeing a black one! In fact, they are so rare that when one was discovered in Maine, people weren’t sure exactly what it was. Therefore, you are definitely extremely lucky to encounter one of these beautiful power animals. And, a white coyote is an animal of immense spiritual power! So, what special messages are we meant to understand when we encounter a white coyote?

Much like the meaning of seeing a coyote in the snow, a white coyote reminds us to focus on our purity of thoughts and spirituality. So, try to take some time to look at how the traits of the coyote reflect in your life and how you can bring them in more purely. For example, do you feel that you aren’t very adaptable or intelligent? Or, that you can only be cunning in a sly, negative, or underhanded way?

A white coyote reminds you to be pure in your intentions and your perspective. While a coyote may have a reputation as a devious smuggler who steals food to survive, in reality from the coyote’s perspective, he is taking advantage of all possible forms of abundance. Try not to look at things through morality compass given to us by others. Remain a blank canvas, like the fur of a white coyote! We all are entitled to abundance and livelihood by our creator. Also, make sure to check out our article on the spiritual meaning of white cats to better understand the symbolism of white animals.

Coyote Dream Meaning

Wondering what it means when you dream about a coyote? As always, make sure to first pay attention to your feelings and thoughts during the dream. An overall negative feeling dream will have a different meaning than if you were happy to encounter a coyote. A coyote in a positive dream symbolizes using your own wit to adapt and overcome, and approaching life with a more humorous approach. On the other hand, if the dream was negative, a coyote can represent cunning deception, trickery, hypocrisy, and weakness. Whenever you are seeking to understand a dream in depth, it’s important to pay attention to other symbols in the dream as well.

For instance, if you dream of being attacked or chased by a coyote, you may want to face your fears and accept that the things you fear in life might not be as bad as you believe they are. It may also be that you are overextending yourself and your resources into places where you will not be reciprocated.

If you dream about running along with coyotes, you may want to pay more attention to those you’re working with. They may not have the best intentions! But, at the very least they may at least make you laugh.

If you dream of feeding a coyote, it’s a message to bring more lightheartedness into your life. Try not to be so serious all the time! It may also be a message to be mindful of your current investments, they may not be as serious as you think.

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