Brooms Spiritual Meaning and Beliefs

It’s only natural you’re wondering about the spiritual meaning of brooms. After all, brooms are very symbolic objects. For example, witches ride brooms—what’s that all about? We’ll look at that. Also, have you heard of the wedding tradition of jumping the broom? That’s also going to be covered. And we can’t forget cinnamon booms—they’re super … Read more

Acorns Spiritual Meaning and Omens

What omens, spiritual, and symbolic meanings are associated with acorns? These objects, seeds of the mighty oak tree, are rich with meaning. Also, their meaning varies from culture to culture around the world. Generally speaking, though, acorns represent immortality through rebirth, the cycle of life and the seasons, growth, might, humble beginnings, abundance, prosperity, and … Read more

Falling Leaves Spiritual Meaning and Omens

What are the omens and spiritual meanings associated with falling leaves? Of course, we all see falling leaves when the autumn arrives. But, when do they a message or omen? This, of course, is a personal question. When omens come to us we typically know inside. That is, a particular experience catches our attention and … Read more

Snowflake Obsidian Properties & Meaning

Snowflake obsidian – it’s hard to pass it by at the metaphysical store without it catching your eye. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? So, maybe you bought a nice piece of snowflake obsidian and you’ve brought it home and now you want to learn all about its spiritual meaning, metaphysical properties and protection attributes. Well, … Read more

Copper Spiritual & Metaphysical Meaning

Copper, what are its spiritual meanings? Also, what omens does this common metal convey? And, how about copper’s symbolism and metaphysical meaning? Sure, when it comes to jewelry, we value gold and silver most of all because of their properties and appearance. So, it’d be “normal” to wonder about the symbolism associated with either of … Read more

Pinecones: Spiritual Meaning, Symbols, Signs

Pinecones engender fascination, especially to curious children. So, it’s no surprise that throughout history and across the globe, they are objects of spiritual and cultural significance. Their woody composition and pattern of scales is, of course, captivating. A pinecone’s evident spontaneous order inspires thoughts of a power beyond the five senses. So, you might be … Read more

Tricycle – Spiritual Meaning

Tricycles, what do they mean? Sometimes that particular thing—in this case, a tricycle—just keeps appearing to us. Maybe the thing appears literally, maybe you see actual tricycles time and time again. Or, maybe the thing appears to you in a dream. Alternatively, the significant object in question could appear in art, movies, tv, music, etc. … Read more