Boxelder Bug – Spiritual Meaning

Boxelder bugs, are you seeing them? Well, at the time of writing, it’s springtime and so they’re starting to show themselves. Understandably, you might be wondering if the boxelder’s appearance in your life carries any significance. What are the omens, symbols, signs, and messages associated with the sighting of boxelder bugs? First and Foremost: What … Read more

Gnats Spiritual Meaning

gnats spiritual meaning

Ah, the idyllic days of summer. You’re just relaxing with a drink and reading your phone. When suddenly, gnats swarm you seemingly out of nowhere. They’re all over your phone screen. And, there’s even a couple right in your fresh refreshing, ice cold drink. Yuck! An encounter with gnats can be incredibly frustrating. Try as … Read more

Spiritual Meaning of Snails

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing snails regularly in every day life? Sometimes signs come to us in the form of real, living snails. Other times, we might see snails on TV, in books, video games, or paintings. Regardless, if you see enough snails, you might start to wonder: is this significant? Speed of … Read more

Spiritual Meaning of Dung Beetles

What is the spiritual meaning of dung beetles? In the animal kingdom, some creatures impose themselves on the human psyche with magnificence, majesty, and magnitude. Lions, tigers, elephants, whales—they do it one way. And the spiritual meaning of such powerful players in the animal kingdom is often discussed. However small by comparison, the dung beetle … Read more