Orange Ladybug (Ladybird) Spiritual Meaning

Did you see an orange ladybug? Are you wondering about the spiritual meaning of an orange ladybug? Maybe you’re also thinking about its symbolism or possible messages being communicated? Well, read on—we’re going in-depth on the various meanings associated with orange ladybugs. What Are Orange Ladybugs? Depending on where you are in the world, an … Read more

Milkweed Assassin – Spiritual Meaning

You’re immediately forgiven for being curious about the spiritual meaning of the milkweed assassin bug. That’s because they’re such eye-catching critters. So, naturally, you must be wondering if they convey any messages? Well, because of their ruthless habits and striking appearance, they provide us with quite a bit to think about. Milkweed Asssassins & Death … Read more

Stag Beetles – Spiritual Meaning

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Dragonfly Omens and Spiritual Meaning

The dragonfly is an elegant creature that easily captures the imagination. So, it’s no surprise that the dragonfly is full of spiritual and metaphysical meaning. Many different cultures have legends and beliefs about dragonflies being messengers from the other side. For instance, one of my most cherished memories happened after the funeral of my father. … Read more

Woodlouse, Woodlice – Spiritual Meaning & Omens

Woodlice (singular: woodlouse) are interesting creepy crawlies. There are few invertebrates we come across in the home or garden that resemble them. In fact, lots of their relatives actually live in the water rather than on land. Therefore, we can look at the woodlouse presenting itself to us and wonder: is this encounter spiritually significant? … Read more