Grackle – Meaning, Omens, Signs, Symbols

Let’s learn about the spiritual meaning of seeing a grackle! Grackles—what are the signs, symbols, omens, and meanings associated with their appearance in your life? These birds live alongside us, and so you might be accustomed to seeing them. Typically we encounter them near a car window in the parking lot of a restaurant or … Read more

Grey Go-Away-Bird: Meanings & Symbolism

What is the spiritual significance of sighting a grey go-away-bird? What omens could this bird bring? First & Foremost: What is a “Grey Go-Away-Bird” Anyway? The grey go-away bird is also known as the grey lourie or loerie, or kwêvoël. What Does the Grey Go-Away-Bird Look Like? Their shade of grey is quite pleasant, darkening … Read more