Bug Flying Into Your Mouth Spiritual Meaning

We’ve written about a lot of gross things here on SymbolsAndSynchronicity.com. For example, the spiritual meaning of maggots in your trash can or what it means to step in poop. However, this one is probably the grossest! And it’s probably happened to all of us at some point in our lives. In this article, we’re going to discuss the spiritual meaning of a bug flying into your mouth.

This is how we’ll quickly and easily build your understanding of the omens and spiritual meanings of a bug flying into your mouth:

  1. First, we cover the spiritual meaning of bugs and flies.
  2. Next, what is the spiritual and symbolic significance of our mouths?
  3. Lastly, we combine sections one and two to understand the spiritual meaning of a bug flying into your mouth.

Spiritual Meaning of Bugs and Flies

To understand the spiritual meaning of a bug flying into your mouth, it’s best to first get an understanding of the spiritual meaning of insects in isolation.

bumble bee

Bugs, flies, and other insects are all very symbolic and spiritually meaningful creatures. In order to simplify their complex spiritual meaning, here’s a quick list of the key points of bug/insect spiritual meaning:

  • Transformation.
  • Rebirth.
  • Abundance.
  • Acute perception.
  • Extrasensory perception.

Transformation / Rebirth

Bugs, flies, and other types of insects all represent transformation and rebirth because of their lifecycle. That is, a bug hatches from its egg in one form, grows for a short while, and then eventually transforms into another form. As such, that transformation is a symbolic and spiritual representation of a journey of transformation and rebirth. As we move on in the article we’ll discuss how a bug flying into your mouth can convey a spiritual message of transformation and rebirth.


an abundance of flies

Also, bugs represent abundance simply because they themselves are often so abundant. All you have to do is see flies swarm around a dumpster to see that. Alternatively, if you don’t like flies, think of all the little bumble bees hovering over the flowering clovers in your lawn—insects are inherently abundant and partake in Mother Nature’s broader abundance. Whether you’d rather a house fly or a bumble bee fly into your mouth is a tough choice, though—what do you think? We’ll use this understanding of the bug/abundance connection to analyze a part of the spiritual meaning of a bug flying into your mouth.

Perception and Communication

Insects are also important symbols for alternative forms of perception and communication. Firstly, bugs can represent acute perception, i.e. being fully aware of the world around them—this means they represent a synergistic relationship with the natural world. Also, insects can even represent extrasensory ability—this is typically because their antennae stand for feeling things beyond the physical. Because bugs are an emblem of psychic or supernatural communication, their meaning can be tied into the meaning of our mouths—more on that as we continue.

Spiritual Meaning of the Mouth

bug flying into mouth spiritual meaning

When we think about the human body and symbolism, the mouth might not be the first thing we think of. However, our mouths are very symbolic and convey an array of spiritual meanings. Here’s a quick list of the spiritual meaning and symbolism associated with our mouths:

  • Communication.
  • Consumption.
  • Life.
  • Love and romance.
  • Loyalty vs. Disloyalty.
  • Breath
  • The soul.

Understanding the above list is key to understanding the spiritual meaning of a bug flying into your mouth. So, let’s break down each point with a quick and easy explanation of how the mouth came to represent those things.

Eating, Drinking, Talking, and Breathing

a feast

Firstly, let’s think about what the mouth is, literally, for: eating, drinking, talking, and breathing. So, it’s easy to see how the mouth has come to be a spiritual and symbolic emblem for consumption—we eat and drink with our mouths. Food and drink is necessary for life. Therefore, mouths also represent life itself. Remember we mentioned earlier that bugs are omens of abundance, and mouths are omens of consumption. As such, there is symbolic synergy between bugs and mouths.

Communication, Love, Romance, and Loyalty

The same goes for the mouth and communication—we talk with our mouths, and so they represent one half of communication (the ears, i.e. listening, is the other half). Communication is also what leads to love and romance. That is, it’s difficult to love somebody without talking to them—although, infatuations with celebrities might challenge that assertion! Also, the mouth is used for kissing, which adds to the mouth’s emblematic representation of love and romance.

Through communication, the mouth also plays a role in representing loyalty and disloyalty. With our words, we can speak the truth, or we can deceive.

Spiritual Meaning of a Bug or Fly Flying Into Your Mouth

The spiritual meaning of a bug flying into your mouth probably won’t be your first thought when it happens—”GET IT OUT” will probably be your first thought. However, once you calm down and rinse your mouth out a few times, you’re free to spare a thought to the symbolic and spiritual meaning of the encounter. After all, in isolation, both bugs and our mouths convey spiritual and symbolic meaning.

Relationships and Transformation

social gathering

While bugs convey a message of transformation as their core meaning, the mouth implies the importance of communication. Therefore, to have a bug fly into your mouth is an omen that there will be a transformation relating to communication. This could suggest that, over time, there will be a significant change in the way you and another person communicate. Possibly, the bug in your mouth omen could suggest a coming change in relationship status.

Abundance and Consumption

Remember, our mouths are symbols of consumption. Meanwhile, a bug is a symbol of abundance. Therefore, it’s fair to conclude that a bug in your mouth could well be an omen of an improvement in material standing. That is, simply put, there could well be much more food on your table. You might not want to think about food right after having a bug in your mouth, but give it a little while and you’ll get your appetite back.

What Does a Bug in Your Mouth Mean For Loyalty?

We mentioned earlier that because the mouth is used for speech, it can be taken as an emblem for both loyalty and disloyalty. That is, the mouth can represent kind and supporting words, or it can represent the flipside—that is, cruel and disparaging words.

So, given that bugs represent transformation and abundance, it could well be that the bug in your mouth is an omen that relates to a change in loyalty relating to a particular situation. That is, it could be that you will receive the kindness and support of additional friends and family members through a difficult time. Conversely, it could be that you might be entering a period of social tumult.

Is it Good Luck When a Bug Flies Into Your Mouth?

You might have heard that it’s good luck when a bug flies into your mouth. Well, you might not feel lucky at the time, but there is some sense to that claim.

housefly on wooden surface

After all, what are the odds of all the places the bug would fly, it somehow managed to fly into your mouth? Well, that’s sort of lucky, isn’t it?

But, in all seriousness, a bug flying into your mouth could be seen as quite a positive omen. After all, bugs are very potent symbols of abundance. So, when they come to you and fly into your mouth—a place where you consume, i.e. eat and drink—it’s easy to see why it is good luck. It’s because you may receive an abundance of food and drink in the the times ahead.

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