Broken Window Spiritual Meaning

Put aside all the stress and worry of your broken window, if only for the few minutes it takes you to read this article. Yes, it’s important to—first and foremost—ensure the broken window and any shards have been made safe. It’s also important to make arrangements to have the broken window replaced. However, if you’re the sort of person in tune with signs and symbols in the world around us, you might be interested to read that a broken window is believed to be potent symbol, spiritual message, and omen.

So, this article, we’ll be covering the spiritual meaning of a broken window. To achieve our goal, we’ll approach the topic systematically. To start, we talk about the general spiritual and symbolic meaning of glass and windows. After which, we’ll discuss the specifics of broken windows and what they mean.

Other Types of Broken Glass

When it comes to understanding a broken window, it can help to spend time building up your general knowledge about broken glass and the messages it conveys. This can be the case for all sorts of different glass objects. Here at Symbols and Synchronicity, we’ve published extensively on the topic. Check out some of our related articles from this list:

Glass Representations and Symbolism

Broken or otherwise, glass is very symbolic. From the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris to the Nasir-ol-Molk of Shiraz, stained glass forms an important part of religious buildings around the world. Glass also plays an important part in spellwork and witchcraft—specifically, many spells incorporate the use of glass jars (Jar Spells in Folk Magic).

broken window spiritual meaning

Here’s a quick list of some of the symbolic and spiritual meanings of glass:

  • Clarity via transparency.
  • Invisible barriers.
    • Invisible protection.
    • Invisible restriction.
  • Brittleness, fragility, delicateness.
  • Abundance when broken.
  • Wholeness when unbroken.
  • Divinity via the acceptance of light.

General Spiritual Meaning of a Broken Window

As you might be able to imagine, some of the aforementioned meanings associated with glass can be inverted when the glass is broken. One of those is that of invisible barriers.

broken door window spiritual meaning

It’s quite clear (pun intended) why windows would represent invisible barriers. Physical objects convey related spiritual and metaphysical meanings—in this example, a clear pane of glass is an invisible barrier in the physical world, while it also represents the invisible barriers in your life. As such, it’s helpful to reflect on things you can’t see that might be holding you back. Or, alternatively, it could be that there are protective layers around you that you might not be fully aware of. Well, glass represents both of these.

So, of course, when a window is broken, it represents the breaking of invisible barriers in your life—regardless of whether they were restrictive or protective.

The Importance of the Home

While our places of work have windows (one would hope), we mostly associate windows, in general, with the windows in our homes. Indeed, if a window in your home has been broken, then this modifies the meaning of the omen. A broken window’s omen is connected to the purpose of the window. For example, if you break the windshield in your car, then the omen relates to issues with travel. Whereas, when we break windows in our homes, then, naturally, the spiritual message relates to issues with the home.

southern house

More than anything else, a broken window in the home represents the fracturing of the protection the home provides. Of course, this sounds like a terrible spiritual message to receive. However, it comes only as a possible reminder from your guardians to pay attention to those issues. You always have the chance to reflect on the issue—i.e. think about any concerns with your home life, and take sensible and considered action to correct those issues.

Broken Window Elsewhere

As mentioned in the previous section, where the window is broken affects the spiritual meaning conveyed.

A broken windshield, means you can expect issues on any journeys you might take.

broken factory windows

Whereas, a broken stained glass window at a place of worship means somebody might have religious protection compromised.

Another example could be a broken window at your place of work; this could mean that a restriction preventing you from achieving a promotion has been removed. Alternatively, it could be that a protection that had been ensuring your success or continued employment has been lost.

Is it Good Luck to Break a Window?

Of course, breaking a mirror is bad luck! Breaking a mirror is seven years of bad luck! But, we all know that, don’t we? What you might not be aware of, though, is that some believe the breaking of other forms of glass is actually good luck.

However, it’s worth remembering that the good luck gained from broken glass only counts if the glass is broken accidentally. If you decide to go around smashing wine glasses or throwing bricks through windows then, sadly, you won’t experience much good luck at all. It’s more likely that you’ll get bad luck, because the people are you will be very, very, very mad.