Broken Glasses Spiritual Meaning

Breaking a pair of glasses is one of those accidents where you just let out a big sigh. Not only does breaking your glasses mean you’ll be struggling to see until you can get them fixed, but eyeglasses are also pretty expensive at times. So, naturally, you might be feeling upset about having broken your glasses.

However, don’t fret too much, because perhaps there’s a positive message to be taken from the accident. After all, for those of us that like to see signs and symbols in the world around us, there’s an opportunity to interpret just about everything—including a broken pair of glasses.

How to Analyze the Meaning of a Pair of Broken Glasses

So, in this article, we’ll look at the spiritual meaning of a breaking a pair of glasses. To achieve this goal, we’ll take a systematic approach and break the symbolism down into its core components. So, separately, we’ll look at the spiritual and symbolic meaning of the following:

  1. Glass
  2. Broken glass.
  3. Eyeglasses

Those three elements will comprise the overall spiritual meaning of breaking of a pair of eyeglasses.

What Does Glass Represent?

Glass is a wonderfully spiritual and symbolic material. It’s important to gain a fundamental understanding of the emblematic meaning of glass so as to better understand the spiritual meaning of a broken pair of glasses.

As a transparent material, it symbolizes clarity and things related to that. For example, glass represents honesty, illumination, and the protection to observe the truth around you safely.

pane of glass spiritual meaning

As a brittle material, though, glass also represents that delicateness. After all, glass is easily broken, and that’s why we’re here—to discuss the spiritual meaning of a broken pair of glasses. As such, glass can convey a message that something important to you is fragile and worthy of being taken care of.

Even though light can pass through glass, and therefore, we can see through glass, it still remains a solid object. As such, glass is a spiritual and symbolic representation of invisible barriers in our lives.

General Spiritual Meaning of Breaking Glass

For a detailed look at the spiritual meaning of broken glass, we have a broad and comprehensive article covering the topic here.

broken glass

Generally speaking though, broken glass represents the breaking of the various representations of glass. For example, broken glass conveys a message of shattering invisible barriers in your life. Broken glass also stands for the destruction of wisdom, understanding, and clarity. Also, many people believe that breaking glass is actually good luck—this is only the case when the glass is broken accidentally as opposed to deliberately. It’s worth noting, of course, that breaking a mirror is the opposite: it’s seven years’ bad luck.

Pair of Glasses Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

In our society, glasses take on the role of an emblem of intelligence and wisdom. It’s easy to understand how we came to associate glasses with knowledge: they’re often required for reading. Therefore, glasses convey a spiritual and symbolic message of wisdom and the gaining of knowledge. Following on from this, glasses are associated with books.

glasses spiritual meaning

You might remember from the section above, we mentioned that glass is associated with clarity and illumination. Well, this meaning carries extra emphasis when the glass in question is part of a pair of glasses. It’s logical—glasses help people see, and so therefore they represent allowing people to see and bringing things into focus.

So, What’s the Spiritual Meaning of My Broken Glasses?

Breaking a pair of glasses can convey a variety of spiritual meanings. For example, breaking your glasses could suggest an issue with perception. Broken glasses can also be symbolic of lost wisdom, and the ability to gain wisdom. While, alternatively, it could be that a pair of broken glasses stands for good luck or bad luck.

glasses on green background

In the sections below, we go into details about the various possible spiritual meanings of broken glasses.

Broken Glasses – Good Luck or Bad Luck?

First thing’s first, let’s talk about whether broken glasses are good luck or bad luck. Of course, in the moment of having broken your glasses, you probably won’t feel particularly lucky. However, it is a widely held belief that accidentally breaking glass actually represents good luck.

good luck

So, it’ll really depend on how your glasses broke—if you just broke a part of the frame, without cracking the glass of the lenses, then you probably can’t consider it an omen of good luck to come. However, if you crack the lenses—even if they’re the most expensive part to replace—you can feel pretty lucky.

Wisdom Lost

Because glasses are used to gain wisdom—i.e., through reading—then breaking them can be taken as a spiritual message of lost wisdom.

wisdom lost

Lost wisdom can be quite a sad thing. For example, a broken pair of glasses can represent the loss of something personal, like an old family recipe passed down for generations. So, take your broken glasses as a sign, and remember to get your recipes off old scraps of paper kept in a drawer and put them up onto the cloud for safekeeping.

Something is Obscured

The final spiritual meaning of broken glasses we’ll be covering is a loss of perception. Of course, without your glasses, you will literally struggle to see—that much is obvious.

obscured glass

Noteworthy, though, is that a broken pair of glasses can symbolize difficulties in spiritual perception. That is, what elements of your spiritual life of going unseen? This is a broad message, and as such will require personal reflection to unravel—nevertheless, the broken glasses can bring attention for the necessity of spiritual contemplation.

Broken glasses could also represent new secrets being kept from you. Again, this is to do with the symbolic blocking of your “sight” rather than the literal issues. In this case, the broken glasses could imply that you aren’t being given the full story on pertinent issues in your current position. As such, be on the lookout for possible deception.

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