Brick Spiritual Meaning and Omens

What omens and spiritual meanings are associated with bricks or a single brick?

All manner of things can trigger our spiritual curiosity, and bricks are no different. For whatever reason, sometimes an experience relating to a specific object leaves you with a feeling of a spiritual or somehow supernatural importance. That’s your instinct at work. So, if the sighting of a brick, brick house, or brick wall has caught your attention and you’re wondering about its spiritual meaning, then you’re in the right place.

In this article we’re going to discuss the spiritual meaning of bricks in general. Additionally, we’ll look at specific situations like a broken brick, a fallen brick, an old brick wall, and how the way bricks are made influences their spiritual meaning.

Shaped and Baked

Bricks are artificial. So, naturally, they represent human achievement and ingenuity. But, it’s more than just that. Bricks stand for our ability to shape things to our liking. This is something you can use to inspire your choices and actions in your own life. Rather than simply sit back and say, “Well, it is how it is,” you can say, “I’m gonna make it how I want it to be!”

brick spiritual meaning

There’s more! Bricks are baked at around 1,000°C (almost 2,000°F!). The symbolic importance of this is that the bricks are being fortified by the heat. It’s another reminder that not only can you create a situation that will be beneficial to you, you also have the ability to strengthen what you create so as to make it safe and secure.

Structure, Strength, and Security

Bricks represent structure, strength, and security. This symbolic meaning should be quite apparent. This is because bricks are used to create strong buildings within which we can take shelter, thereby feeling secure.

brick house omens spiritual meaning

As such, the brick represents your overall security in life. It specifically stands for the safety and security our society and historical achievements affords you. So, when you find a brick and wonder what the omen associated with it is, it could well be that you are receiving a message that you will be taken care of no matter what happens.

Bricks Represent Order and Organization

Another important symbolic element we associate with bricks is organization. Bricks are made to fit together, i.e. to be organized in such a way that they create something that locks together and is extremely strong and durable. Therefore, the brick stands for strength through organization.

brick structures represent organization

Bricks are an appropriate motif for us when we organize to achieve something together. As such, bricks represent labor unions, societies, cooperatives, groups, teams, and firms. If you want to convey strength in numbers and strength through organization, the brick is a great option.

Spiritual Meaning of a Broken Brick

Conversely, a broken brick represents a broken organization or the current or potential breaking of an organization. Because a broken brick represents a broken organization, it can be taken as more of an omen than simply a symbolic representation.

A broken brick can be considered a message to consider the organizations you care about. For example, if you run your own business, then it might be time to review what’s working and what isn’t and make appropriate adjustments.

broken brick omens

It doesn’t just have to be business organizations, though. Are you a member of a group that is experiencing issues? Perhaps your book club is losing members. Or maybe your favorite charity is receiving fewer donations.

So, as you can gather, a broken brick is a great opportunity to be inspired to be proactive and work to preserve organizations that are important to you and/or the people in your community.

Spiritual Meaning of a Fallen Brick

What does a fallen brick mean? Well, if the brick fell from your house then it’s time to call a qualified contractor to check it out!

fallen brick omens

But, if you want to know what it means in a spiritual or prophetic sense, then you’re in the right place. So, if the brick falls from your own home, then it’s an important message to consider how the home life is. Not just your own experience, but the experience of everybody in the home. Take action to ensure that harmony in the home is maintained, and that relationships between the individuals in the home—like the bonds between bricks—are strong.

Another very specific meaning you can when a brick falls from your home is that, like a brick leaving the home, a member of the household might soon leave. So, this could be an omen that one of the kids might find the perfect job in the big city and head out to find their own apartment. Also, it could be that you or your roommate maybe want your own space and might take the plunge on a solo place.

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