Bird Hitting Car Spiritual Meaning

Last week I was driving across the country because of a move. It was a windy but sunny day, birds were circling overhead and the road wasn’t very busy at all. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew this turkey vulture down and the truck directly in front of me crashed into it. Feathers flew everywhere, and the truck had to pull over as the windshield was completely shattered. Oh no! What a terrible sight! That can’t be a good sign! If you’re reading this you probably had something similar happen to you. So, are you wondering what the spiritual meaning of a bird hitting your car is? Well, you’re in the right place. And, hitting a bird with your car might have some surprising meanings you’re not expecting!

First, before we can truly understand the meaning, it’s important for us to understand what birds represent spiritually. Birds are messengers from the spiritual realms. They have a connection with good luck, freedom, prosperity, seeing things from a higher perspective, wisdom, and peace. Of course, every different bird has different associations, so this is only a very general list.

But, when we hit a bird with a car, it is a very direct message to pay attention to your current perspective, spirituality, luck, and freedom. In fact, you might say a bird collision is one of the loudest wake up calls you can receive! What can be more attention grabbing than that?

So, settle back and get ready to learn all about birds hitting cars! And, if you want to learn more about the scientific reasons on why it seems like some birds never move from in front of your car, check out this page.

Is A Bird Hitting My Car Bad Luck?

There’s a lot of superstitions about birds hitting windows, cars, and so on. And, most of them are pretty bad. Some superstitions even say extremely bad luck or a death might come soon! Yikes! Sadly, usually the only death it foretells is the poor bird’s demise. (Make sure to check out the spiritual meaning of a dead bird here.) But, is it always bad luck for you? Not necessarily! But, it can be a warning.

Remember, birds are spiritual messengers. Therefore, when you have a collision with a bird it is a very clear message to pay attention to your spiritual matters. Much like hitting a deer, hitting a bird serves as a huge wake up call to pay attention! Are you ignoring your intuition on a particular topic? Or, are you neglecting your spiritual practice?

For instance, maybe you’ve received a job opportunity that pays a lot of money but is in direct opposition to your priorities or minorities. You’re considering taking it but know it will take up too much of your time, energy, or mental health. Hitting a bird might be a big sign to reconsider your decision. It can be a warning that if you ignore any warning flags you might come to regret your decisions later. Make sure you are following your heart and intuition.

It’s also important to consider if your perspective on any current issues you might be facing are correct. A bird’s ability to fly gives them incredible perspective on the environment and freedom to explore it. So, if you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to a decision, you might want take some time to consider alternative options. Hitting a bird is a very strong omen that you may be headed for disaster otherwise!

What If I Barely Miss Hitting A Bird? What If The Bird I Hit Lives?

So, have you barely missed hitting a bird? Or, maybe the bird you hit continues flying on. I actually had this happen to me once when I hit a chicken that came randomly out of the forest, busted out a headlight on my car, and continued on his way. I worried about his condition for the rest of the evening, and sure enough the next morning he was in the same place ready to cause more mayhem! So, what’s the spiritual lesson here?

Well, since birds have a connection with the divine, near misses with a bird can mean that your ancestors, guides, and angels are near you. It’s certainly a good omen since both you and the bird avert disaster. It can be a message that you might have had a near miss with disaster, but your guides have protected you. So, try not to worry. Things are always working out for you!

But, what about in cases like my own where a light was broken? It cost a pretty penny to replace it, surely this isn’t good luck! Remember, the universe works in mysterious ways we might not understand at the time. It could lead to you being at the right place for a divine rendezvous! Or, it could be another message. For instance, a headlight guides you through the night. At that particular point in my life, I was keeping questionable friends that might have gotten me into trouble. I couldn’t go out at night for a while, so maybe it was divine protection to stay put at home thanks to that silly chicken. Look for similar synchronicities in your life. There’s sure to be a lesson in there somewhere!

Has a bird hit your windshield? What does it mean?

Bird Hitting Windshield Of Car Spiritual Meaning

Are you wondering what’s the spiritual meaning of a bird hitting your car windshield? Naturally, this can be a rather traumatic incident! You might even read in other places that a bird hitting a window of any kind foretells death. But, don’t freak out! You’ll most likely be fine, as this is only a superstition. So, what does it mean?

Well, a bird hitting your windshield or windscreen represents breaking through invisible barriers. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective. As birds represent freedom, insight, and spiritual messengers, this can be a quite literal message that the divine is breaking through into your physical reality. If you are going through a spiritual awakening of sorts, as a lot of people currently are, this can definitely be an omen representing that! It can be a message that the barriers between you and your manifestations are soon going to be shattered. Make sure to check out our article on spiritual meaning of broken glass for more information on this.

On the other hand, breaking down barriers might be a bad thing. For instance, some people view windows, and this would include the windshield, as a protective barrier between you and the outside world. This could possibly mean you may feel your defenses have been breached on some level, even spiritually.

Make sure to set firm, healthy boundaries with other people. And, for spiritual ones, seek out advice from a trusted advisor on ways to keep your defenses up if you feel so inclined. As always, follow your intuition for what message is meant for you.

Pay Attention To What Type Of Bird

So, we know the general meaning of a bird hitting a car now. But, you might want to pay attention to the kind of bird you hit for further meaning as well. While it will be difficult to go through every possible species of bird here, try to find the spiritual meaning of the bird you hit. If you don’t know the exact kind of bird, don’t worry. Sometimes if you catch even the color of the bird, that can be important.

For instance, a blue bird has a link with the throat chakra, so hitting one might be a message that you should speak up for yourself. A red bird has a connection with the root chakra, so hitting one could be a sign to pay attention to your physical environment and staying grounded. For other various colors, check out our chakra balancing guide here.

Common Birds You Might Have Hit

If you hit a vulture or a condor, you might want to look at how you are handling endings in your life. Remember, nothing is wasted in life. Allow endings and transformations to happen naturally.

Or, if you hit a cardinal, you may want to think about your relationships, even possibly with deceased loved ones. Cardinals represent hope and rebirth, and also have a connection with the home. So, hitting one means you might expect barriers in any of these areas to be transformed somehow.

If you hit a starling, then you may want to examine possible ways of transforming your community or workplace. It can be a message that unexpected change will soon happen around you. Try to stay creative and cooperative, and you will sail through possible rough seas with ease.

Further, if you hit a crow, raven, or a grackle, take a closer look at where you need strength or protection in your life as these are both black birds. Stay strong and powerful to bring your manifestations to fruition.

If you hit a hawk, check out how you are relating to pursuit and adaptability. While it’s never pleasant to hit a larger bird, this can be a sign that you will soon break through barriers in your physical manifestations. Make sure to keep your options and your eyes open for opportunities.

If you hit a chicken, this can be a message to pay attention to abundance and luck in your life. Since they have a close link with eggs, you might expect some change soon in your finances. This also relates to fertility, so you might have an unexpected surprise there!

bird hitting car chicken
While it’s unlikely, it’s never impossible to hit a chicken crossing the road.
And it’s no joke. I’ve actually hit one myself!

Where Were You Going?

Believe it or not, another important message might be hidden in where you were going when you hit the bird with your car. For example, if you were on the way to work when you had the unfortunate run in, pay attention to possible changes in your career. This could mean new, unforeseen opportunities will present themselves. Or, it could mean you might have unexpected employment issues in the future! Try to prepare for this as best as possible, maybe throw out some resumes just to see what’s out there if possible.

Also, if you were on the way to meet your significant other, you may expect a transformation in this area as well. It could be a change of status, a commitment, or taking things to next level. Make sure to listen to your own intuition and apply it as you see fit. It just might be a message to pay a little more attention to things in this relationship.

Bird Hitting Reflection In Mirror Of Car

Have you ever found a bird tapping at the reflection of itself in the door mirror or window of your car? I had this happen one spring, I came out and found my car covered in feathers and bird poop, and a bird hitting its own reflection in the mirror! So, what does it spiritually mean?

First, it helps to know why birds sometimes attack mirrors or windows. Birds often view their reflection as competitors for food, mates, or territory. It can be detrimental not only to the mirror, but also to the bird! This is a message to look at where you are possibly being overly defensive in life.

For instance, are you getting jealous over your significant other and its causing trouble in your relationship? Or, do you often feel overly criticized at work and it’s causing friction with your boss or coworkers? Work on building up your self-esteem.

Remember, you are the creator of your own perception of reality. The bird has no competition, just himself. Feel confident in yourself and appreciate what you uniquely bring to any situation. Remember, you are special and irreplaceable. Stand firm and be confident.

Also, another message could be to take a closer look at any self-sabotaging behaviors you might have. Do you keep sabotaging your dreams because you don’t feel you are worthy of them? Stop attacking yourself. You are so worthy of achieving all of your dreams and more! You might want to take some time to look at why you have these patterns in your life if you do.

bird hitting car mirror
Have you ever seen a bird hitting the reflection of itself in a mirror?

Dream Meaning Of A Bird Hitting Car

Have you had a dream about a bird hitting your car? Dreams can contain powerful messages you shouldn’t ignore. And, in the case of this one, it’s even more important! First, remember to take stock of how you felt during the dream when trying to understand the meaning behind dreams. For example, if you felt scared during the dream changes the meaning versus if you were happy or excited.

Still, dreaming of hitting a bird with your car means you can expect the unexpected when it comes to matters of love or finances in your life. It is a powerful message from the spiritual realm to pay attention to the synchronicities around you and make sure you are on the right path. You are being guided along your journey, so try not to worry too much.

The car is a symbol of journey and travel, and birds are divine messengers of hope and freedom. So, you might expect some big, positive changes in your waking life soon if you felt positive overall in the dream. If you were scared or felt overwhelmed in the dream, you might feel out of control on the path you’re currently on. Try to take some time to look at ways you can feel more empowerment. For instance, are you not speaking up enough in your relationship? Or, should you work on your finances to have multiple streams of income?

Also, try to search for the dream meaning of whatever bird you hit as well. You might find some additional insight or wisdom there. Either way, trust that you are on the right path and everything is working out for you when you have this dream.

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