Best Crystal Gifts For Your Witch Friend

For some of us, friendship is a huge part of our lives. Life feels more cheerful when we can share our interests, feelings, and everyday encounters with our best friends. And when your closest friend happens to be a modern witch or deeply passionate about spirituality, you will enjoy many stimulating conversations.

We also feel secure and mentally balanced when we know that our friend is there for us in less fortunate moments. But how do we make sure the other person feels just as happy and cherished in their relationship with us?

Showing love and gratitude can come in many forms, and offering gifts is one way to do it. You can always ask your friend what she wants when choosing a gift, but if you enjoy preserving the element of surprise, let’s explore some crystal gift ideas that your witch friend might love.

Crystals For Spell Jars

You can imagine spell jars or witch bottles as a physical representation of a spell. They were initially used against evil spirits, but nowadays, a witch can prepare a spell jar for various purposes such as love, prosperity, friendship, and self-growth.

Whichever intention, thoughts, and desires you pour into the jar, the spell will amplify the power and energy behind them. As a tool that helps your witch friend focus her attention on what she wants to attract, spell jars are versatile and can contain crystals as ingredients.

Rose quartz, for example, can be the perfect gift for a witch if she wants to make a love spell jar. Depending on the intention, it helps attract new love in one’s life, deepen an existing bond, or encourage self-love. Rose quartz is also used to balance the heart’s chakra to open the heart towards peace and unconditional love.

Jade crystals and green aventurine are excellent for a money spell jar. Jade promotes wealth and abundance in our lives while promoting wisdom and attracting luck. The green aventurine will increase the jade crystal’s energy by combining them in a spell jar.

gift for witch friend protection jar
A protection jar.

If your friend likes to make protection jars, you should consider offering her a black obsidian crystal or an amethyst. Obsidian is a good shield against negative energy.

It absorbs it from your environment and returns the negative energy to the earth due to its deep connection with it. The amethyst connects you to your highest mind, helping you feel like you own your space.

Crystals For Cleansing The Tarot Cards

For more accurate readings, the tarot deck needs cleansing from time to time due to the emotional and physical debris that tends to accumulate.

Certain crystals, such as selenite, have powerful properties that are said to charge the electromagnetic field around people and objects. Thus, they can be used for cleansing tarot decks while also strengthening intuition.

Selenite is a crystal associated with the Moon, which rules the realm of dreams and hidden emotions. Selenite is also said to possess healing properties and help with balancing emotions.

Three pieces of selenite.

Your witch friend can use selenite to cleanse the tarot deck by placing it on top of the cards. If the selenite crystal is larger, it can be placed under the deck, and you can leave them like this overnight, somewhere where the Moon can shine upon them from a window.

Similarly, you can cleanse the deck by sunbathing it with a sunstone crystal. Sunstone is known to cleanse and energize, increase vitality and instill goodwill. It’s associated with happiness and authenticity, so it might make a good gift for your tarot-loving witch pal.

Black tourmaline is a powerful gemstone that can be used for cleansing your own energy after a difficult tarot reading. It’s been used by shamans and healers throughout history due to its effects on the mental, emotional, and physical levels. People can even wear the crystal during the tarot reading to help them deal with complex and negative feelings or experiences.

Crystals Your Witch Friend Might Love To Wear

You can easily incorporate crystals into your witch or spiritual lifestyle. And, because they are gorgeous and offer you many benefits, you can wear them as jewelry or carry them around in your pocket or clothes.

With its beautiful golden-yellow color, citrine supports your creative energy while encouraging friendliness and optimist thinking. It’s an excellent crystal to wear when you feel creatively exhausted and need support.

Tiger’s eye, associated with inner strength and self-confidence, is a good choice for those days you need to feel like a boss, motivated and assertive. It is said to alleviate anxiety and self-doubt and was often used in the past to ward off curses.


Wearing shungite is like detoxing your energy field. It protects you from the electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) that our electronic devices emit. Shungite is also used to restore the root chakra, which gives you a sense of stability and security.

Clear quartz for a clear mind. This crystal, one of the most affordable crystals, can be an excellent gift for those who need to improve their logical thinking and mindfulness. Wearing it or even using Clear Quartz for meditation can open your mind to higher guidance.

Gift Sets With Goodies For Various Purposes

If you are still not sure what to choose as a gift for your witch friend, or you may want to give her a bigger gift, you can also opt for gift sets/kits.

gift for witch friend
Make sure to check out our gift sets.

You can make them or purchase them as they are from your local crystals stores. The sets can contain more useful products for your friend, such as crystals, candles, sage or palo santo sticks, incense, a box of matches, and mini chakra stone bottles.

These kits can be used for spells and rituals, cleansing and meditation, or self-care and manifesting desires. And if you’re looking for a gift bundle for a specific need or purpose, such as calm, strength, protection, prosperity, love, joy, and success, you can ask your favorite crystal provider to put together such a kit.

In the end, anything you’ll choose to give to your witchy or spiritual friend, I’m sure they will be grateful to celebrate your friendship and feel loved and appreciated for who they are.

About The Author:

Xenia Mateiu is the owner and founder of Village Rock Shop, a gift shop based in Carlsbad, California. She loves to share her passion for crystals, gems, geodes, and many other ethically sourced products from her shop with other crystal enthusiasts.