5 Shrine Inspiration Ideas

When it comes to putting together your shrine, there are a lot of decisions to make. Of course, you have to bring together all the elements. But, that isn’t all—you also need to decide on what crystals to place on your shrine. Also, if you like to use a plant, you need to find one that suits the spot—the right lighting, size, color, shape, etc. Do you want to add a vessel for some water? And, don’t forget, a feather to represent the air element.

So, considering how difficult a task it can be, we’ve hit Instagram to check out some of the best Witchy shrines we could find!

Here’s a Very Cool Shrine Featuring a Central Deity & Candles

This Shrine Has a Central Deity & Some Very Cool Runes

Here’s Another One We Like!

Number Four On Our List!

This One’s Our Fave Because It Features St. Brigid’s Cross!

Thanks for checking out our article on shrine inspiration! Be sure to go ahead and check out the Instagram accounts of the featured shrines and give them a follow! Here’s a list, in order, of the Instagramers whose content we have featured in this list:

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