5 Crystals To Ward Off Negative Energy

When it comes to using crystals, a lot of the time we simply want something to protect us. That’s why one of the most common inquiries about the metaphysical properties of crystals is “Which crystals protect against negative energies?”

Focus On Using Black Crystals

Actually, there are a lot of crystals that are believed to protect you from malign forces. Many of them, and all those on this list, have one thing in common: they’re black. Black crystals are believed to be strong, resolute, unshakable and powerful. However, their most important ability is the ability to absorb. That’s right, the color black absorbs all light and reflects noneβ€”this logic extends to the metaphysical. Many believe that black crystals can absorb bad vibes, much in the same way they absorb the different colored light of the spectrum.

Black Tourmaline





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